Letters into the Void
Artist Statement

Do people that we've lost in this world continue to communicate with us after they've died? Our minds met over this idea of communicating with loved ones that we've lost. We created a dichotomous world that centers around two people, one who is living and one who is dead. The installation part of the art is Jacob's world, the author of the letters who resides in the world of the living. It is our intention to let the viewer sit in Jacob's chair, rifle through his belongings, and connect with him in a personal way. His world feels more real because, as living beings, we're currently sharing Jacob's world. The series of paintings are Rebecca's world, the world of the dead. The scarabs take on the role of messenger between these worlds and are a nod to old mythology as they were once thought to guarantee a soul's safe passage into the afterlife. This collaboration, to us, speaks to the beauty of dichotomy and is dedicated to two strong spirits from our own lives that are now in Rebecca's world: Shannon, Christina's good friend, and Richard, Jr., Richard's father.
~ Collaboration by Christina Loraine & Richard Thomas for Flying House
"the Water Tower"
acrylic, charcoal, & paper on canvas
Copyright 2012. Christina Loraine Art
"Rebecca's Ghost"
acrylic, charcoal, & paper on canvas
"the Messenger"
mixed media
"Scarab 2"
8x8" acrylic and paper on canvas
"Scarab 1"
6x6" acrylic and paper on canvas
"Ghost Scarab 1"
4x4" charcoal and acrylic
"Ghost Scarab 2"
6x6" charcoal and acrylic on canvas
"Letters into the Void" installation at Maes Studio for Flying House, 2012
"Letters into the Void" paintings on display
Richard Thomas and Christina Loraine
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About my collaborator, Richard Thomas:
Richard was the winner of the "Enter the World of Filaria" contest at ChiZine. He has published over sixty stories online and in print, including the Shivers VI anthology (Cemetery Dance) with Stephen King and Peter Straub, Speedloader (Snubnose Press), Murky Depths, Weird Fiction Review, Gargoyle, PANK, Pear Noir!, Metazen, Curbside Splendor, Word Riot, 3:AM Magazine, and Opium. His debut novel Transubstantiate was released in 2010. In his spare time he writes book reviews for The Nervous Breakdown and a column, entitled Storyville, for Lit Reactor. He is represented by Paula Munier at the Talcott Notch Literary Agency.

I couldn't have asked for a better writer to work with for this project! Richard and I were on the same page from the beginning and I really enjoyed working with him. Not only is he a great person, but he's also an incredibly talented writer! I've read several of his short stories and also his novel, Transubstantiate, and I highly recommend his works! More about Richard here:

Blog: "What does not kill me"
Facebook Fan page
Richard's works for sale on Amazon
His column, Lit Reactor
Richard's book reviews, The Nervous Breakdown