Power Animals
First off, you may be asking, "What is a "power animal?"
Here's a general definition: A power animal, is a broadly animistic and shamanic concept that has entered the English language from Anthropology, Ethnography and Sociology. A tutelary spirit guides, helps or protects individuals, lineages and nations. In the shamanic worldview, everything is alive, bearing an inherent virtue, power and wisdom.

This is an open, on-going series that will grow in time (although, many of my previous paintings fall into this idea already) ... stay tuned and watch for more animals to be added!

In this series of Power Animal paintings it is my intent to embody the
strength of each animal into the image. The painting then becomes representative of that animal's power and when you look into the animal's eyes, you are filled with that animal's strength.
It is my hope that the person who purchases a painting from this series
personally relates to the animal's strengths themselves: either they already embody those qualities, or they are wanting to grow and learn to embody the qualities.
In this way, the painting becomes a reminder of your own personal Power Animal
and a reminder of the strengths that you have within yourself.
Power: Mystery and Independence

{12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas. 2015. }

Dog's Power: Loyalty and Playfulness

{ 12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas. 2015 }

the original painting was donated to
Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions
for their 2015 fundraising event
Power: Listening & Will Power

{ 12 x 12 inches. acrylic on canvas. 2015 }
copyright 2015-2016 . Christina Loraine Art
Power: Gentleness and Innocence

{ 12 x 12" acrylic on canvas . 2015 }

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Power: Fertility

(quotes from Ted Andrews' amazing book,"Animal Speak")
"The bull is masculine and implies a fertilizing of the Earth, a feminie planet...In the bull we have the union of the male and female. The bull is sometimes depicted as lunar (female) and sometimes as solar (male). The horns of the bull resemble the lunar crescent, giving it the link with the feminine. Anytime the male and female come together there is opportunity for fertility."

Bull can remind us:
"Are you being as productive as you can? Do you need to sow some new seeds? Are you being stubborn and ridgid? Do you or those around you need to become more sensitive? Are you rushing when you should be allowing things to become fertile in their own time? .... The bull can help you to understand and work with the mundane aspects of fertility and the relationships necessary for it. It will teach stability without stubbornness. The bull can help you assert your feminine energies with the greatest success."

{ 12x12" , acrylic on stretched canvas . 2016 }