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Bison Bystander (8x10" mixed media)

Flight of the Goldfish I & II
(Flight of the Goldflish II is, in fact, a Goldfish flying a Goldfinch)

Little Owls in Love (16x20" commission)

Petey (8x10")


"Hedgehog" 8x10" acrylic (2016)

"Raccoon can be anything she wants"... 11x14" acrylic (2016)

"Remy" 8x10" acrylic (2016 commission)

11x14" acrylic (2017 commission)


"the Hummingbird" 11x14" acrylic

"Susie" 8x10" acrylic (2016 commission)


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"Sleeping Fox" 6x6" acrylic on canvas. 2015

8x10" acrylic (2016 commission)

"Feet on the Ground" 24x24" acrylic (2014)

"the Goat" 11x14" acrylic (2015 commission)

"Henry" 11x14" acrylic (2016)